ETD 1000 hrs ETA 1500 hrs 

A half day trip visiting the art village is an exciting activity for tourist interested in the local life. Here you can see craftsman engrossed in making gold, silver ornaments & traditional hand woven Batik at the Batubulan village... Mas village is the center of wood carving, in here you will find a place that you can buy wooden crafts certified by the Customs & emigration department since all the wood is insect-free. Balinese are well known for their painters and dancers. On this arts and Village tour, you will be escorted to Painting Studio, where you will be hosted by the artists Leader explaining the history of the Balinese Paintings. You may request to have your picture to be painted by one of the Balinese artists. You can probably spend some time at Central Ubud to see the Palace of Ubud.